NANOTEC Treatment

NANOTEC – 5 Year Maintenance Free Timber Treatment!


RSB welcomes you to Nanotec. We distribute a wide range of Nano products suited for every application.

Our pure Nano Technology possesses a revolutionary HYDROPHOBIC technology. This product adheres at the nanometer level to every applicable substrate, filling in all microscopic cracks, pores and imperfections. It dramatically increases the MAR resistance (scratch/friction resistance) of the substance where applied. Different Nano SP levels are available which are applied to different surfaces.

Our Nano technology removes all oxygen. It is 100% impervious to water. If applied correctly, there is a guarantee of 15 years extended use. It is UV resistant as well as rust resistance. It is completely no toxic once cured. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so is ideal for items used by children. 1 Litre of paint will cover 8-12 squared metres.

Check out the Nano’s capabilities!