Raw timber is a breathing product and has to be maintained for its lifetime, especially in our harsh South African climate. Luckily looking after your mouldings, skirting, beams, shelving, doors, frames, decking, flooring, etc. is easy. RSB (Pty) Ltd. assumes woodworking competence when working with our products.

  • Always store the material in a cool, dry, well ventilated area where it will be protected from the elements such as damp, rain and direct sunlight.
  • Never lay the products flat on the ground as it will cause twisting, warping and bending as the timber absorbs the moisture from the ground if untreated. Instead raise it with dunnage (loose material) to protect it from rising damp?.
  • Turn stock frequently (every 2 weeks) to prevent cupping. This is especially true for shelving.
    • Cupped or bowed shelving and doors can easily be corrected by flipping.
  • Mouldings, specifically pine, should be kept in bundles for as long as possible to prevent bending and warping.
  • Doors should be stacked on a flat, level surface with dunnage and not directly on the ground. Avoid storing them on their edges/ends. Treat all six sides as soon as possible.
  • Once an item has been installed, make sure to treat it with a reputable treatment. Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations and intervals of treatment.
  • Breadboards should routinely be treated with white mineral oil to keep it from cracking or splitting.


RSB (Pty) Ltd. cannot accept any returns where the products have not been stored as above or looked after according to our recommendations. All stock has to be returned within two weeks of delivery.

Products that have been installed without treatment will automatically be rejected. RSB recommends Nanotec (or alternative reputable product) be applied with 2 coats prior to installation and 1 coat after installation on ALL surfaces.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the quotation (cutting lists, sizes, prices) is correct before placing the order.

Claims for defective products are to be placed within 14 working days of invoice and due to the nature of the product the timber should be kept in its bundle.