Worktops and Shelving

Pine Shelving

Pine Shelving and Kitchen Worktops

Worktops and Shelving


Our Worktops and Shelving Create a functional yet stylish kitchen with this Pine wood effect worktop. The hygienic and easy to clean surface is heat, water, moisture, steam, stain, impact and abrasion resistant and has a square edge profile.

  • Heat, water, moisture, steam, stain, impact and abrasion resistant
  • Wipe down with damp cloth and warm soapy water
  • Colour matched ABS edge
  • Contemporary square edge profile

Changing your kitchens worktop is one of the simplest ways to update your kitchen! RSB Timber Manufacture worktops offer a wide selection of shades, designs and textures. Matching upstands are available to complement your worktop and offer a hygienic, seamless line between the worktop and wall


Ironwood is one of the worlds hardest and heaviest woods: harder, heavier and more durable than Teak, Ebony, Mahogany or Iroko, and one of the most exceptionally naturally durable hardwood species in existence.

In the same report Ironwood was given a probable "marine-borer
-resistance" life expectancy of 60+ years in southern waters (shorter in tropical waters). This resistance estimate is for untreated/unprotected timber. Therefore with proper maintenance and use of anti-fouling protection, Ironwood hulls will likely last for 100 years or more.


Rubberwood Panels

Rubberwood is versatile, practical, time and cost efficient. Rubberwood has a beautiful light-coloured texture with excellent machining properties, all panels are individually plastic wrapped and superior quality.

Worktops and Shelving

Worktops and Shelving

Rubberwood is easy to machine, easy to stain a very stable product and 100% eco-friendly from end of life rubberwood trees.

Uses include stairs,

  • worktops,
  • shelving,
  • tables etc.